Saturday, 8 September 2012

Norman Brookes Challenge Cup

Sir Norman Everard Brookes was born on 14 November 1877 in Melbourne, Australia. Brookes was an Australian tennis title holder and leader of the Lawn Tennis Association of Australia. Brooke’s father was William Brookes who had turn into rich from gold removal in the Bendigo area. 
He established a private education at Melbourne Grammar School. He went to work as a clerk at the paper mill where his father was organization director and was on the board himself within eight years. Brookes played commonly on the court of the family house in Queens Road Melbourne and near at the Lorne St courts. He studied the caress and plans of leading players.  Brookes was the first non-winning British men's singles at Wimbledon. He won the men's singles twice, first in 1907 and in 1914. 
He also won the double in each of those years, New Zealander Anthony Wilding, whom he beat in 1914. Singles Final. He is an important figure in the founding of the Australian Open tournament was known as the Australasian until 1927, which he won in 1911. Brookes is the world's # 1 tennis player of the 1900s. Brookes played 39 Davis Cup. Matches in Australia / New Zealand and the Australian Davis Cup team in 1905 and 1920 Brookes were instrumental in the Kooyong Tennis Centre. In 1926, the first president of the Lawn Tennis Association in Australia, which should happen in the next 28 years: was Norman Brookes Knight "- the recognition of service in the public service" in 1939, Lady Brookes made in.
1955th Dame Mabel Brookes named for his charitable work and social reasons. The trophy for the men's singles at the Australian Open is the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup, after him. He was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1977. In 1981 he became a stamp by Australia Post describes a cartoon image of Tony Rafty was issued. Brookes was died on 28 September 1968. Australian Open Tickets are available at Sport Ticket Exchange. Sport Ticket Exchange is the best site for Sports Tickets. Tennis Tickets are on Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange.

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